We provide service, assistance and education to children separated due to foster care, adoptive or kinship care, divorce or other partings. 

(ages 7 - 21+)



Summer Camp

Camp JISU is a five (5) day, overnight experience focused on sibling reconnection, life skills, personal development . through personal interaction, events, workshops, and activities.


Birthday Parties

Our New Beginning Birthday Parties are intended to help children create new memories in mending and strengthening their bond for their life ahead through fun parties with siblings and friends.


Aging Out Services

Our ongoing year-round activities include specialized programs designed to meet the needs of the evolving young adult, ages 14 to 21+ who are preparing to age out of the foster care system.



The JISU Experience evolves from the spirit of its founder, Maria Jones.

In raising her daughter, who she adopted from foster care at age 1, she found difficulty comprehending and accepting why there was such reluctance on the part of the system to reunite her child with her siblings.

To this day, that reunification has not occurred but fires Jones’ desire to ensure that other children do not have to experience similar separation or disconnection from their brothers and/or sisters.

Where it all began…

Where we are today…


“Jayden Picott was 10 or 11 when we first met in 2012.  He stood out pleasantly  from the rest of the children.  He was showing leadership even at that young age. 

So it is no surprise but definitely a pleasure to know that he continues to evolve into the dynamic young man pictured here graduating from Marine Corp Boot Camp. 

What a blessed feeling when we can see one of ours going forward and doing well.  The world and our future is in good hands.”

— Maria Jones, JISU Founder

Jayden Picott (pictured left)

Events ...

The SPLASH Floating Classroom offers youth a ride up the Delaware River while they learn about watershed health and what they can do to keep the river clean. Some of the volunteers on the SPLASHBoat belong to a group called the Senior Environment Corps, a program of the national nonprofit Nature Abounds. This video captures how the volunteers interact with youth as they mentor them to be our future environmental stewards. More information on the Senior Environment Corps and Nature Abounds can be found at www.natureabounds.org.

More information on the SPLASH Boat can be found at http://www.steamboatclassroom.org/"



The children of JISU, along with their adult supporters and staff, sailed on the Delaware River for a bonding and educational experience aboard the SPLASH

The children were able to interact with their “siblings” and had the opportunity to learn about the operation of the steamboat as well as the eco system of the Delaware River and surrounding communities. 

The day ended with a picnic on the banks of the river.


JISU will be making this an annual event.



The Trenton Circus Squad provided a wonderful workshop experience for the children of JISU. 

We spent hours learning about what it takes to become a circus performer and the team work involved.

Every child and some adults learned to utilize the trapeze, tight rope, stilts, juggling, mini cycle and more.  Once again, we learned how to work together to the benefit of all – including building human pyramids. 

This exercise really demonstrated to each child that without the support of one another, they would collapse as a group.

Beyond Expectations provides life skills to youth through media education and service leadership. The children of The JISU Experience find joy in time shared with their siblings through various hands on activities designed to foster their relationship and the realization that they belong to a 'family'.  We serve siblings who have been reunited but may have difficulty in rebonding. They have the opportunity to work on issues that impact and sometimes hinder their reconnection, reunification and personal growth.  They are also exposed to other children impacted by the system and who may be experiencing similar feelings of loss and disconnection. Ultimately, we help them become beautiful, healthy, viable participants and contributors to society and to function as complete and caring individuals.

JISU students participate in a Youth Media workshop.